Vinyl Record Jewellery with a Story

Vinyl Record Jewellery with a Story

Every beat up record is also a story. Oh if those scratches could talk. Transforming those pre-loved discs into unique pieces of upcycled vinyl record jewellery also means that a whole new chapter of that story is just waiting to happen, with you.



recycled vinyl record earrings by Dana Jewelleryrecycled vinyl record earrings by Dana Jewelleryrecycled vinyl record earrings by Dana Jewellery 
 Here's the story behind Dusty in Memphis which I recently used to make these pieces above, from the new collection.

It was the morning of December 25th 1969 and Dusty in Memphis was under the tree. Jeanette had wanted to get her hands on that album very very much since its release in January of the same year. Who didn't like Son of a Preacher Man, like, seriously.

But the means were limited in that year of 1969 so she put all her hopes to turn her wish into a musical miracle on good old Papa Christmas' shoulders and ho ho ho he delivered.



Dusty spinned and spinned on the family turnable in the brown and orange sitting room close to a gazillion times, until the summer of 1970.  

That's when she was 'borrowed'
by Linda.

Linda was a fan of good times and good times were had with Dusty in Memphis traveling under her arm from party to party until Miss Springfield one day vanished in a haze of purple. Purple what, well, I'm not sure. Things were always a bit hazy in 1970.

Fast forward 53 years (53 years!) and *BOOM* Dusty lands in my studio. She is beat up, the record is scratched like it's been dragged through a ditch and the sleeve is disintegrating.

That's when I come in.

When Dusty's prospect is starting to look pretty trashy in a shed in Wexford, well, I come in and honour the s*** out of that previous life. She is transformed into little dangly delights to adorn your ears and necks and hopefully bring a smile.

When you are rocking my designs, think of Jeanette under the Christmas tree and Linda dancing under that disco ball and Dusty spinning in a retro sitting room and you will feel -you will feel it- that you are also wearing a story and are adding a new chapter to it, 53 years on.

I know... cheesylicious, but true.

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