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Cute teardrop earrings in red / unique upcycled Irish design

Cute teardrop earrings in red / unique upcycled Irish design

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These cute teardrop earrings in red are upcycled from the album "More than ever" by Ken Dodd (see 6th photo) which most definitely used to spin on a turntable in a retro sitting room back in the day. Oh imagine the stories these scratches could tell...
There's only one pair like these in this whole wild world; so grab them while you can.
At DANA Jewellery, we rescue unwanted records from ending up in landfills and upcycle them into unique pieces of jewellery. Rubbish has never looked better!

◾ D E T A I L S ◾
The front of the earrings is coated with a bio based resin for a shiny and durable finish.
The back of the earrings is left untouched so you can appreciate the record in all its groovy glory. The back label is sealed with a varnish to prevent any staining on the paper label.
Surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to wear.
Posts are hypoallergenic stainless steel (lead & nickel free, tarnish free)
SIZE: the dangly parts are 17mm X 22mm. Including the hooks, they hang 34mm long.
A definite conversation starter… better get ready.

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